Current issue

TSS 28 (3) 2021


  1. Patrycja RÄ…glewska, Vida Demarin: Dancing as non-pharmacological treatment for healthy aging in the COVID-19 era; a gerontological perspective

  2. Abdossaleh Zar, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Peter Krustrup, Ricardo J. Fernandes: Effects of morning and afternoon high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on testosterone, cortisol and testosterone/cortisol ratio response in active men

  3. Ana Ruivo Alves, Daniel Almeida Marinho, Marco Pecêgo, Ricardo Ferraz, Mario Cardoso Marques, Henrique Pereira Neiva: Strength training combined with high-intensity interval aerobic training in young adults’ body composition

  4. Gabriele Russo, Federico Nigro, Gaetano Raiola, Andrea Ceciliani: The effect of physical fitness and physical activity level on memory storage of Italian pre-adolescent secondary school students

  5. Victor Alexander Santos Nascimento, Gustavo Pereira, Rafael da Silva Passos, Fernanda Barros Castro, Alinne Alves Oliveira, Marco Machado, Alexander J. Koch, Rafael Pereira: Reliability of kinematic parameters of power snatch from recreationally-trained weightlifters

  6. Vanessa L. Cazás-Moreno, Kristen C. Snyman, James J. Tufano, Lee E. Brown: The influence of rest intervals following low-load countermovement jumps in athletes

  7. Katarzyna Sobczak, Krystian Wochna, Krzysztof Pietrusik, Ryszard Strzelczyk, Katarzyna Domaszewska: Assessment of respiratory function and aerobic capacity in postmenopausal women participating in water aerobics classes

  8. Ronit Manandhar, Sarulatha Haridass: Effect of Mulligan’s mobilization with movement and eccentric exercises for lateral epicondylitis in recreational tennis players